A Will is a legal document that ensures that whatever you have when you die goes to the people you choose. Everybody should have a Will – the complex rules that apply when there is no valid Will mean that your money may not go to the people that you want. Even worse, it may go to people you definitely don’t want! There are many will writing services and products on the market, but the rules for making a Will are complicated. For a relatively modest fixed fee we can give you the best possible advice to suit your circumstances, ensure that your Will is properly drafted and signed, explain what would happen if one of your loved ones died before you and advise you on inheritance tax and other concerns you might have, eg nursing home fees.

Even if you have made a Will in place already, you should review it to take into account any change in your personal circumstances, relationships and finances. What suited you years ago may not reflect your priorities and wishes now.

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Without a will, your mother’s money will be distributed in accordance with a complicated set of legal rules. This may result in some people benefiting that she did not wish to do so and other important people missing out.

There are steps you can take now to save tax that would otherwise be payable on death. You might wish to consider making lifetime gifts (perhaps using a trust), converting assets into those which will qualify for tax relief, or restructuring your will to make it more tax efficient.

Speak to us about making or updating your will – we can structure the will so that your children inherit but your husband or wife can stay in the family home for the rest of their life.

Making a will is the only way to be certain that the people you wish to benefit do so. If you do not make a will then you cannot control who inherits your money.

There are steps that can be taken now to help protect the house. If you are concerned about paying for future care, speak to us about restructuring your will and assets in the most appropriate way.

Yes, you can choose someone you trust to be your attorney. Your attorney will be able to manage your money for you. We offer a professional attorney service, or you can ask a family member or friend to take on the role.

Your mother should make a power of attorney straight away – we can help with this but it will up to your mother who she chooses to have as her attorney.

If your aunt has lost mental capacity, then we can obtain a court order to enable you to sell the house and manage her financial affairs.

Yes, you can choose someone you trust to be your health and welfare attorney. They will be able to make decisions about where you live and the treatment you receive, when you are no longer able to express your views yourself.

Probate is a court order authorising one or more people to deal with the assets of someone who has died. We can help you with this.

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